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Meet the active house!


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Rebecca "Alectrona" Xiong


Rebecca's philosophy is to enjoy everything that life has to offer and strive to make everyone's day better. She is the gal to call when there's anything new that you want to try!

Rho Rhapsody


Julia "Eden" Lee


Julia always knows how to make any situation funny. And nobody loves their dog or their friends as much as Julia loves hers!


Stella "Mocha" Rim


She is stylish, and she is kind-hearted. What's not to love about this sister? Stella's artworks are guaranteed to blow you away! Stella brings the creative spark to our bunch.

Sigma Sapphires


Shivani "hanausa" Chatterji


Her first love is flamin' hot cheetos, but sisters come as a close second. She is the perfect friend to hit up for spontaneous adventures and late-night grinds!


Claudia “shōyō” Ng


With the funniest and most generous soul, Claudia is always here to "shōyō" a good time, from discovering new music to exploring handmade jewelry and kitchen appliances.


Panthita “MASUMI” Triamkitsawat


The experience of growing up in different cultures helped her shape a beautiful and unique world view. Panthita is always open minded and down to explore new things!

Tau Titaness


Yani “CacAo!” Dai


With her amazing dancing skills, best taste for Netflix shows and queen energy, Yani is always so sweet and warm to people around her.


Flannery “Baymax” Xu


A lover of traveling and K-Pop dances, Flannery is the best listener and will brighten your day with her smile.

Upsilon Ultramarine


Elena "sinclair" Li


With her passion for music and upbeat spirit, this sister is so down-to-earth and caring. She will always make time for you and be the listener you didn't know you needed.


Alison "scorpius" Shang


Growing up under various cultures allowed Alison to love to explore and experience new things. Alison is so sweet and always thoughtful.


Connie "ackerman" Zhang


Connie's hectic energy is something that will definitely brighten up your day. She is one of the most open-minded sweet and humorous people that you can find.


Angie "Ember" Zhu


Angie knows how to combine coolest pre-med and girlboss energy. The way she balances her life is so admirable, and she is someone you can always rely on.

Phi Phailin


Lauren "RainFall!" Chang 


Lauren is like a fresh breeze on a summer day. She has such positive energy and is really the cutest! Our little first year baby <3

soye pic.jpg



She's a great cook and baker, and we are blown away by her multi-ethnic background. We hope one day she'll serenade us in Spanish!

Cindy .pic.jpg

Cindy "gloria" Peng


Cindy has tons of cool hobbies, just ask her about opera singing and cosplaying! We all admire her multitude of talents and her kind demeanor.

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Xiaxia "polaris" Saavedra


Another premed girlboss, Xiaxia truly does it all. She knows how to work hard and play hard, and we love her for that! We are impressed by how she perseveres through the grind.


Karen "EvergReen!" Tu


Karen is like a beautiful blossom, always smiling and cheerful. She doesn't let anything bring her down, and she's got great dance moves too!

mandy pic_edited.jpg

Mandy "Thalia" Zhao


Mandy is a joy to talk to and down to have spontaneous fun together. She is a go-getter and so cute; ask her about her movie opinions!

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