Meet the active house!




Meggie "bRiSk" Su


Meggie knows how to have a good time, whether it is doing the Renegade or getting hype at the club. This sister is a fencing extraordinaire and a chess master—it's a checkmate for all of our hearts!




Sophia "Thumper*" He


Sophia is always there to help you through life's trials and tribulations, all the while working admirably hard at everything she does! This lovely sister is also certified to scuba dive—funny because she is the best catch in the sea!

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Rebecca "Alectrona" Xiong


Rebecca's philosophy is to enjoy everything that life has to offer—and she certainly keeps to that standard. She is the gal to call when there's anything new that you want to try!


Rho Rhapsody


Julia "Eden" Lee


Julia makes everyone feel cheerful when she is around. Nobody loves their dog or their friends as much as Julia loves hers!


Annie "sakura" Liu


Annie is a real go-getter and hard worker. This thoughtful sister hails from Australia, and has a personality as sunny as her home to match!


Natalie "Bellenka" Lu


Natalie is just the sweetest bean. This sxster wants to do good in this world, and her passion for childhood education reflects that!


Stella "Mocha" Rim


She is stylish, and she is kind-hearted. What's not to love about this sister? Stella's artworks are guaranteed to blow you away! Stella sure brings the creativity to our bunch.


Anyi "ROsin!" Wang


When this sister plays the cello, you can't help but be impressed by her fine touch and skills. Anyi is just so elegant in all aspects of her life!

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Ashley "REDhot" Wu


Just like her nickname, Ashley's personality is red-hot, and you won't ever forget her! This sister is full of beautiful ideas and so caring to all those lucky enough to be around her.


Sigma Sapphires


Shivani "hanausa" Chatterji


Her first love is flamin' hot cheetos, but sisters come as a close second. She is the perfect friend to hit up for spontaneous adventures and late-night grinds!

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Sharon “Millésime” Li


A lover of both the arts and sports, Sharon is the sister to call for all types of fun, as well as any life tribulations. Determined to make everyone's lives happier around her, this sister will always be there for you through anything!


Wavian “momousa” Li


Wavian's contagious laughter and kind heart spreads warmth to everyone around her. She is the most heartening and reliable source of support, whether you need a daytime study buddy or late-night advice.


Alicia “Mushu*” Liu


With her awesome longboarding skills and down to earth spirit, this sister is the comforting and fun presence we all need in our lives!


Claudia “shōyō” Ng


With the funniest and most generous soul, Claudia is always here to "shōyō" a good time, from discovering new music to exploring handmade jewelry and kitchen appliances.


Panthita “MASUMI” Triamkitsawat


The experience of growing up in different cultures helped her shape a beautiful and unique world view. Panthita is always open minded and down to explore new things!


Maggie "Calliope" Xu


In need of extra care and compassion (or awkward humor)? Like the butterflies on her favorite earrings, Maggie is always there to fly in and offer an ear, some sweets, and a hug.


Tau Titaness


Yani “CacAo!” Dai


With her amazing dancing skills, best taste for Netflix shows and queen energy, Yani is always so sweet and warm to people around her.


Flannery “Baymax” Xu


A lover of traveling and K-Pop daces, Flannery is the best listener and will brighten your day with your smile.


Upsilon Ultramarine


Elena "sinclair" Li


With her passion for music and upbeat spirit, this sister is so down-to-earth and caring. She will always make time for you and be the listener you didn't know you needed.


Alison "scorpius" Shang


Growing up under various cultures allowed Alison to love to explore and experience new things.


Connie "ackerman" Zhang


Connie's hectic energy is something that will definitely brighten up your day. She is one of the most open-minded sweet and humorous person you can find.


Angie "Ember" Zhu


Angie may be the coolest pre-med and cutest queen you can be. The way she balances her life is so admirable and she is someone you can always rely on.